Cast and charactersEdit

Note: All characters are only voiced, not acted, and also mentioned only, stuff like that. 2005/2006 for Castle III parts indicate it took Oscar two years to make it according to Deletion Quality Website.

Episodes & Characters

Castle Prologue (2005/2006) Castle I (2002) Castle II (2004) Castle III Part A (2005/2006) Castle III Part B (2005/2006) Castle III Part C (2005/2006) Castle III Part D (2005/2006) Castle Repercussions Part A (2007/2008) Castle Repercussions Part B (2007/2008) Castle Repercussions Part C (2007/2008) Castle Repercussions Part D1 (2007/2009) Castle Repercussions Part D2 (2007/2009)
Etrius Ryan McCormack Mentioned only
Beecher Cameo Flashbacks & Mentioned only
The General
Ray Williams
John Mullins
Some Other Guy
Dr. Romanov
The Superior
Soldiers Various

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